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A look back on the way to the future.

Wemhöner began as a small workshop in Herford in 1925. The company is today in hands of the family’s third generation. The values and principles of our founding generation still apply today, and will continue to do so in the future:
We are determined to remain a reliable family company with a solid financial foundation. We will consistently maintain our commitment to highest quality. The enthusiasm of working with a passion on groundbreaking innovations is a family tradition at Wemhöner – a tradition that drives us and paves the way to the future.

The Wemhöner success story chronology:

Heinrich Wemhöner
Heinrich Wemhöner founded a workshop in Herford.
Heinrich Wemhöner's first significant development - the disc sander - is presented to the public.
Heinrich Wemhöner's sons join the company and make it one of the leading suppliers of woodworking machinery in Germany.
The eldest son, Heinrich Wemhöner Jr., specialises in the field of presses for the wood and wood finishing industry.
The short-cycle throughfeed press with tray belt feeding system is patented.
Wemhöner exhibits the first fully integrated production line at the Hanover Trade Fair.
Heiner Wemhöner becomes the third generation managing partner.
Wemhöner delivers the fastest short-cycle press system in the world.
A subsidiary is founded in China.
The programme is expanded to include systems for the lacquering and printing industry and the manufacture of lightweight panels.
The production capacity of the Chinese plant is doubled.
Presentation of the Wemhöner VarioLam series for industrial production of photovoltaic modules with an annual output of up to 90 MWp.
Delivery of the first multi-pass digital printing line.
Double sided EIR application in the melamine direct lamination process.
Heiner Wemhöner receives the award "honorary citizen of Jiangsu Province” for his unprecedented engagement in the economic construction, social development and international exchange and cooperation in Jiangsu Province.
Wemhöner 100
Our headquarters in Herford looks back on a 90-year history of the company, and in 2005 we paved the way for succesful development of our Chinese manufatcuring facility in Changzhou. In 2015, we layed the foundation for another plant in Changzhou.