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Our vision of finishing in the third dimension.

Wemhöner 3D Variopress® lines: conceived in dialogue with our customers. Manufactured in accordance with highest German quality standards. Installed at our customers’ sites around the world. Day after day, more than 900 Variopress® lines laminate three-dimensional components with thermoplastic foils, veneers and other deformable materials. They enable the production of furniture fronts with glossy surfaces, deeply textured designs and curved fronts. Many of these vacuum press lines incorporate the patented VarioPin® system and our multifunction frame. Wemhöner 3D Variopress® lines stand for the realisation of our vision of finishing in the third dimension.

Wemhöner Variopress® Basic 1000 and Basic Plus

Entry-level access to Wemhöner 3D pressing technology: The Variopress® Basic 1000 systems are the entry systems into Wemhöner 3D-press technology. The high flexibility of the individual units is ideal for small series, pilot series and individual pieces such as for shop fitting, boat or custom furniture. The Basic 1000 may be expanded at anytime. There is a choice between a one or two tray infeed system.

In addition the Basic 1000 can be upgraded at any time to Basic Plus. The capacity of the press line is increased significantly by adding the VarioPin® system and a turning device. A special feature in this series is the Wemhöner VarioSize system - a joint development with our customers. The infeed tray is variably used depending on the design. The advantages for the operator: A reduction of the foil waste. A third tray is added for the production of curved fronts.

Wemhöner Variopress® Universal 2000

The feeding of thermoplastic film on the pin tray is fully automatic.

The Variopress® Universal 2000 is our development for applications in the medium capacity range. It offers excellent flexibility in the production of high-gloss surfaces, curved fronts and 3D veneer applications. Various different automation options are available for feeding MDF pieces and foil. The feed to our cross-press is very versatile. To facilitate loading and unloading five trays circulate within the feed. In addition to the now standard pin and turning systems the Universal 2000 is also provided with 8 bar chamber pressure for high gloss applications.

Wemhöner Variopress® Professional 3000

At Wemhöner the Variopress® Professional 3000 is considered a custom made, high-performance system. In the press lines all technical accessories are integrated: automatic MDF feeding onto the tray, the VarioPin® system and the feed tray with vertical tray circulation on two levels with up to eight loading trays.

A film sheet feeding via a paternoster is already included to support high-performance systems with customer-specific warehouse management. A horizontal paternoster with up to 70 storage spaces and fully automatic foil change are in use. An automatic turning system that can be connected to the cutting and brushing machines is also included.